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We Can Help You Scale - Whatever Your Business Size

If a scalable solution is needed for an emergency, seasonality or a long-term growth strategy, we provide the expertise to plan it out - and make it happen on your schedule using our customizable call center service models.

Business Growth Solutions

We specialize in building scalable solutions for many different sizes of business, and we have achieved excellence in scaling inbound customer service solutions and technical support, with our new and long-standing clients. Customer service improvements and growth is what we do.

If you need to scale quickly (unexpectedly) or take on a project that will require extensive resources - we can meet that challenge too - as we frequently perform rapid launches (from 50 FTE’s day 1), with great success keeping full brand continuity and reliability.

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How We Successfully Navigate Rapid Growth and Seasonal Scaling:

  • Acquisition of talent in responsive labor markets.
  • Use of scalable AI technology and IVA.
  • Structured leadership: Increased quality assurance staffing, team leaders and dedicated QA.
  • Significant investment in training, quality assurance, innovations and technology.

Technology such as chatbots, IVA (Intelligent Virtual Agents) & AI - is totally conducive to scaling solutions.

We're uniquely positioned in this area to provide you with superior scalability and we can PowerUP our programs fast because of our existing expertise with these technologies.

Recent Success Stories:

FLOW Mobile ramped from 0-450 FTE’s in a five-month span in 2016. Eastlink, a leading cable TV and telecommunications provider, ramped up from 5 to 250, 150 of those in a four-month span. PNI Digital Media, serving customers of Costco, Wal-Mart and more, ramped up by 110 FTE annual during the two-month holiday season for the past four years.

We’ve been impressed by Advantage Communications ability to partner with us to help reduce our overall costs. ACI has a firm understanding of what our budget is and is conscientious of our spending at all times. ACI’s goal is to come in on/under budget whenever possible and they have introduced creative ways to maintain a buffer in staffing allowing us to flex up and down depending on volumes. The introduction of a near shore solution to help handle our customer interactions also reaped huge cost savings for us, while maintaining the same level of service we have grown to expect from ACI.

- André Blanchard, Senior Director of Operations at PNI Digital

2020 Contact Center Trends eBook Cover

Featured eBook

Revolutionize Your Customer Experience in 2020!

What tactics will Contact Centers adopt in 2020 to ensure they exceed customer expectations?

New research from the “Serial Switchers” Report, reveals that poor customer service is costing more than $75 billion a year - that’s up $13 billion since last reported in 2016.

Customer Experience is top of mind in the boardroom and C-Suite - as customer service is recognized as highly strategic for growth and revenue.

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We take pride in providing our clients with the ultimate customer experience solutions that best fit their specific brand needs. We want to hear about the scaling issues you're currently experiencing, so we can work together, to create and customize your very own solution.

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Advantage Communications has decades of experience in the Telecommunication & Media sector, providing exceptional issue resolution and friendly customer support. Programs are custom designed for each client, providing maximum efficiency and customer experience alignment.

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