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  Outsourced Tech Support Call Center Services 

IT technologies are the backbone of any organization, and up-time on the network, network speed, security, and training are essential for smooth operations. Each member of our IT Support Service Teams has over a decade of experience in Internet technology and networking within the contact centre industry.

IT Support Experience:

We have extensive experience with our Canadian, Mexican and Jamaican call center teams working collaboratively to ensure best practices are adhered to in networking, workforce management and business continuity.

ACI's Outsourced Technical Support and Helpdesk call center agents are selected based on their self-sufficiency and reliability in solving Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support issues for end users, including hardware support, software support, remote desktop protocol.

Our IT Agents hold a number of certifications ranging from specific Microsoft products, Cisco CCNA to Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).


After trying for 4 years to provide inside technical support to our customers we tried outsourcing. Our first provider was not doing any better than we did, then we found Advantage. After nearly 9 years of service with Advantage, I would recommend this team to anyone. They are professional, reliable, and most of all they are concerned with helping us retain our current business and assisting us with growth in the future. Advantage is a top notch operation with a real personal touch.

- Mike Steed, General Manager, Interstar Communications

Our call center IT support teams are highly experienced in Tier 1 and Tier 2 problem solving.

Tier 1:

Internet Support:

  • Connection support
  • Modem/router offline
  • Hardware support
  • Browser support
  • Speed support

Wireless Support:

  • Connecting to SSID
  • Browser support
  • Speed support

Email Support:

  • Email setup
  • Email settings
  • Send/receive support

Tier 2:

Hardware support:

  • Printer setup/support
  • Computer support

Software Support:

  • Virus removal
  • Malware/Spyware removal
  • Application support

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP):

  • Remove viruses
  • Remove malware/spyware
  • Install hardware


We take pride in providing the ultimate IT support solutions that best fit your specific needs. We'd like to show you how we do it, and how we can create and customize your very own IT support solution. Get pricing today!

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